Here’s another look at Super Nintendo World’s design, rides and snacks


Nintendo is playing with power by opening a theme park during a pandemic

Super Nintendo World

Nintendo is still moving along with its plans to open its Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan.

The gaming giant has partnered with Universal Parks to bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life, and now theme park YouTube channel Universal Parks News Today has published videos of what the park actually looks like inside.

Overall, the attractions seem incredibly detailed and all look phenomenal, but it’s definitely weird to see a theme park with lots of people in it right now, even if they’re wearing masks.

The park was originally slated to open on February 4th, 2020, but this date was pushed back because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. My guess is that the people in the park are likely media and others who were lucky enough to get in early to test it.

The video (seen above) shows off several really cool features like hidden Pikmin and a lot of themed snacks. Universal Parks News Today has posted 21 short videos of its experiences at the park on YouTube, so if you’re curious about what living in a Mario world is like, check them out.

Source: Universal Park News Today 

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