Here’s how to watch the LG Wing announcement online


LG’s experimental ‘Wing’ phone, which sports two displays that can rotate into a ‘T’ shape, will get an official announcement September 14th after weeks of leaks and rumours.

If you’ve been following along and are excited to see what the LG Wing can do, here’s how to tune into the event. LG says it will host the live stream on its LG Mobile Global YouTube channel. It’ll start at 10am ET/7am PT on the 14th. The YouTube page currently features a banner that says ‘Discover the Unexplored’ along with the date.

Earlier in September, LG teased the event with a YouTube video and a press release noting that it would handle two lines of phones: the ‘Universal Line’ and the ‘Explorer Project.’ The former refers to the company’s consumer-oriented phones, such as the new LG Velvet. The Explorer Project, however, hopes to deliver “much-needed curiosity and excitement” to the mobile sector.

We don’t know a lot about the LG Wing yet beyond its unique design. Rumours suggest the phone will sport a 6.8-inch display and run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor. Several video leaks have shown off ways people can use the ‘T’ shaped display, such as putting driving directions on one screen while using the other for music controls.

Another recent leak showed a comparison of the LG Wing and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The pictures show the Wing is a little taller and narrower than the Note 20 Ultra.

Finally, one leak revealed the phone would likely launch in blue and grey colour variants and feature a Note 20-like rear camera array.

All in all, the LG Wing should be one of the more interesting phone launches of the year, if not the most practical. Hopefully, LG makes a solid case for using the swivelling screens at the event.

Update 09/14/2020 at 10am: Added a direct link to the live stream.

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