High Ponytail With Poof Hairstyle – 7 Simple Steps

by Sue Jones
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If you want a simple hairstyle that looks cute and stays even if you’re jumping around for sports or other activities…this style will work. I decided to create this simple pony tail with poof hairstyle while I was cheer-leading my freshman year of High school. I am going to be a senior next year and I’ve been using this style a lot. This easy ponytail is so cute and stayed in place for my whole game that I was cheer-leading. Since I am a flyer I understand the difficulties of finding a good hairstyle that stays.

During the summer I also like to wear this high ponytail. It is perfect because the poof keeps the hair out of my face. I wear this hairstyle to the beach as well. It’s a stylish ponytail that can be worn as a casual or fancy look. Here’s the steps I use when creating this hairstyle.

Here’s the items you will need

Teasing comb

– hairspray

– bobby pins

– hair tie

– bow (optional)

Follow these seven easy steps to create this cute High Ponytail with Poof hairstyle.

Step One: Section off your bangs or the hair that is in the front of your head (this section will become the poof or bump).

Step Two: Then using a hair tie, put the rest of your hair into a loose ponytail or bun.

Step Three: Tease the hair that you sectioned off (your bangs or the hair in the front of your head) until its volume is to your liking.

Step Four: Smooth the top of the poof over with comb. (Make sure you smooth lightly so you do not take too much of the volume out). Next place bobby pins on the sides of the poof. (They should end up meeting in the middle of the poof)

Step Five: Take out the ponytail and tease the rest of your hair a little bit. (This adds a little volume to your ponytail). This step is optional but I think it makes this ponytail look even more adorable.

Step Six: Next lightly comb your hair into a high ponytail. The last thing you will do is tie with an elastic.

Step Seven (optional): Place your cheer bow close to the ponytail (the closer it is to the elastic the less noticeable the hair tie is) For more volume in your ponytail tease a little.

So…there you have it. A simple hairstyle that you can do fast and will last the entire day. Feel free to modify this to your liking and you may find something new to add to your hairstyles.



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