Home Health Aide Training – Learning From Your Own Room

by Lily White
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Careers in the medical field are some of the most sought after positions available. A simple way to get your foot in the door is to consider home health aide training. This is a position one that allows you to work with the same satisfaction of other health care positions but without the hassle of working at the health care facilities.

This position has many other titles such as Residential Assistant, Home Caregiver, and Certified Nursing Assistant. Home health aide training is minimal, but will teach the student to provide personal and basic care, as well as health related services. These professionals provide care directly to their patients. Home health aides receive their assignments from Physical Therapists, Doctors, Social Workers, or Registered Nurses. Part of their assigned duties is to document the patient’s progress and condition at the time of treatment and the services that they perform.

It teaches the student to care for patients who are terminally ill, mentally disabled, patients with long term illnesses, the elderly, and physically disabled. Residential care facilities and private homes are the places that most home health aide work. They provide services such as changing surgical dressings, assisting in exercises, dressing, and personal hygiene, changing the bed, reading and talking to the patient, helping them to ambulate and take medications. This is only a limited list of the services and is not all inclusive as most patients require different treatments.

It is as simple as what is gained in on the job training. Some employers offer classroom training for their employees, but no formal training is really required. To become a home health aide not even a high school diploma is required. Training received on the job from Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and other Home Health Aides can last for a number of days to several months to complete depending on the employee and trainer. There are other types of training such as lectures, workshops, and facility training that can assist in home health aide training. There are frequently tests that an aide has to complete so that they can prove their capabilities to the potential employer.

They also should include familiarization of Medicare reimbursement and Federal Government Medicare Guidelines. If they are working for a company that receives funding from Medicare the aides are required to pass a test with various information that they have encountered in their training as well as about the Medicare system. They can receive additional training that will enhance their career and could possibly lead into other divisions of health care. This is the only occupation in the health care field that does not require formal training, and therefore in order for a home health aide to advance their career they must obtain the required education.

Home health aide training is not something that can be completed online as a majority of their duties are hands on. However the training itself is something easily obtained.



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