How Ayurvedic Hair Oils Are the Ultimate for Strong and Shiny Mane of Hair


Strong, lush and shiny locks of hair are a dream that every girl and even boy has. It is an essential part of our appearance, outer beauty, and personality. Unfortunately, lifestyle stress, environmental pollution and excessive use of chemical-based hair products have given rise to a multitude of hair problems. Hair loss, frizzy hair, and several other hair and scalp issues have become a common issue.  

Growing awareness has created a trend wherein people shun chemical products and adopt natural products which yield far more benefits. One such hair care regime that is now in vogue is switching to adopting the best Ayurvedic hair oils for hair massage and hair care.  

Both scientific facts and studies have proved that massaging your hair with oil nourishes them from deep within, makes them strong and shiny, promotes hair growth, etc. It even offers plenty of other benefits like making you feel relaxed and calm, inducing better sleep, relieving headaches, etc.  

You might wonder how Ayurvedic oils are superior to other hair oils available in the market. We have stated below a few compelling reasons illustrating why Ayurvedic oils are better than any other oils. Read on! 

  • Holistic approach  

The hair care industry might be a multi-billion-dollar industry, but it gives you chemical-based products that treat your hair superficially and temporarily. Moreover, the chemicals harm the scalp and body systems like the nervous systems and the endocrine systems.  

In contrast, Ayurvedic oils are crafted from totally natural materials whose therapeutic effects have been proven scientifically as well. For instance, Coconut oil reduces all scalp issues like dandruff, infection, nourishes the hair from deep within to make them strong, shiny, and even conditions them. The best Ayurvedic hair oil addresses the root cause of all your hair problems and treats it so that you naturally get a mane that draws green eyes from all others.  

  • Prevents premature greying of hair

The chemicals in normal oils hurt the hair and cause premature greying. People who do not apply oil on the hair also see their hair greying early. But Ayurvedic oils have therapeutic and conditioning properties. They nourish your hair from deep within and are known to prevent premature greying of the hair. They lock the bright and the dark colour of the hair such that it is sustained for long.  

  • No one-size-fits-all  

Nearly every person is advised to use the same oil for all hair types and body types when it comes to chemical-based oils. But such is not the case with Ayurvedic oils. The best Ayurvedic hair oil for you will depend on a lot of factors.  

Broadly, Ayurveda recommends oils based on the type of hair- Vata and Kapha. Thin, dry and frizzy hair constitutes the Vata hair type while oily and thick hair is classified as the Kapha hair type. Almond oil, sesame oil, etc. is recommended for the Vata type of hair while olive oil, sesame oil is recommended more for Kapha type of hair.  

The Ayurvedic oils are also combined and changed accordingly. Coconut oil is an excellent coolant and recommended for people living in hot tropical conditions. It is an excellent choice for the Vata hair type. But for Kapha type of hair, it should be heated and simmered with black pepper powder for about five minutes before being applied to the hair and massaged well.  

Various oil combinations are also designed to create a perfect balance of its natural elements and render the best benefits to the individuals using it. Few popular herbs like the amla, bhingaraj, Brahmi, neem leaves; curry leaves, fenugreek, etc. are infused in the oil to enhance its therapeutic and beneficial properties. You cannot hope to find this in chemical-based oils. 

  • Terrific for hair massage  

The benefits of hair massage have long been touted and instilled in us by our grandmothers. It improves the blood circulation in the scalp, which helps in treating many hair problems from their roots. It also helps pass all the nourishment and oxygen supply to the hair to make them strong and healthy. Massage facilitates all the nutrients of the oil to be absorbed by the body.  

With ordinary oils, it would be the chemicals that would be absorbed that would do nothing but harm our body from inside. But Ayurvedic oils have natural and therapeutic elements that help heal our body and hair from within. It leaves all the competition behind.

Wrapping up  

Ordinary oil pales in front of Ayurvedic oils in promoting hair growth and improving the quality of hair. You can even consult Ayurvedic experts to modify these oils specific to your hair conditions.  

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