How Many People to Invite to Your Wedding – The Essential Guide

by Lily White
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How many people should I invite to my wedding? – this is the question that you’re probably asking yourself right now if you’re reading this article. Well, there’s no definitive answer simply because there is a multitude of factors to consider.

However, that’s why we’re here today. We’re going to take you through every major factor you need to take into consideration when planning your wedding. And yes, knowing this info will help you determine the perfect number of guests at your wedding. Let’s get started!

Imagine the Wedding Vibe of Your Dreams

First thing’s first: it’s your wedding. Imagine how you want it to be. Does a black-tie ballroom full of lots of people sound like the perfect wedding? Or does a beautiful yet intimate candlelit table with a small dance floor feel more your style?

No, really. Think about this hard and well. Talk about this with your partner, and your guest list should unfold from there. There’s a huge difference between how many people you actually want at your wedding and how many people you feel pressured to bring to your wedding. And you should be very aware of that.

Create the List of People You Want Most At Your Wedding

Well, take this step in before the big one. Seriously, think about which people you want to invite at all costs. Think of those who you really care for and that really care about you and your partner. Those are the people you’ll want to put at the top of your list. The main idea is to create a list in reverse order from the most important to the least important of your guests.

Here’s the Big One: Budgeting

Now that you’ve imagined every dream scenario, unfortunately, reality sets in. At this point, you and your partner need to have an honest conversation about how much you want to spend on your wedding, including any possible contributions from family members.

Do your research and find out how other couples in your area have balanced their budgets and how much they have made back in gifts from their guests. The bigger the budget, the more guests you’ll be able to bring. However, the fewer guests you have and the bigger your budget, you’ll be able to have a much fancier and more lavish wedding.

It’s Time to Make Decisions

Once you’ve established your budget (and how much of it will be spent on your guests’ meal menu), it will be easier to balance out how many people you can AND want to invite (remember what we said earlier).

Take your guest list and highlight not only the guests that you truly want at your wedding but guests whose attendance or inability to attend can even make you reschedule your big event. These guests simply have to be there, so choose them wisely.

Once you’re done with the list of grade A invitees, it’s time to trim out the fat. Not every family member or friend from high school needs to be invited. It’s OK to leave a few people out despite your nostalgia. To make it easier, here are a few things to consider:

  • When was the last time you saw or spoke to this person?
  • Would you be sad if they couldn’t attend?
  • Were you invited to their wedding?

Do you get it now? That it! Go do your guest list. Oh, and don’t forget to leave more room if you decide to make it a “plus one” style of invitation.

The Bottom Line

Of course, there are plenty of other details you can take into account when planning your dream wedding, but this essential guide should be enough for you to figure out how many guests you truly want at your event.


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