How to Create an Employee Retention, Recognition & Reward Program (2018)




1. $46 billion industry Incentives and other cash rewards which have doubled in the last 10 years. U.S. organization spent over $77 billion annually on them.


2. Company Intangible Assets are knowledge, reputation and human talent.

3. The cost to replace employees is high and turnover rate has been increasing. Not to mention the time to hire due to the talent war has a huge impact on hiring.

4. Job satisfaction measured between 1987 to 2018 is at 61% meaning we are coming close to half of the employees that are unhappy at work.

“The average retention today, where employees spend is around 2 years 2 months in a company”


5. How to bring Millennials effectively into the workforce is a major question that many CEOs and business leaders have

  • Traditionalists or Silent Generation: Born 1945 and before
  • Baby Boomers: Born 1946 to 1964
  • Generation X: Born 1965 to 1976
  • Millennials or Gen Y: Born 1977 to 1995
  • Gen Z, iGen, or Centennials: Born 1996 and later


6. 4 Human Drivers or archetypes in any organization.

  • The Hoarder: Collects resources and typically has the most incentives.
  • The Socialist: builds and fosters relationships.
  • The Contender: motivated to defend what is theirs.
  • The Seeker: desire to contribute to something bigger in creative ways.


7. Feedback Loop to listen, capture survey data to uncover insights and trends and take data-driven action and mentorship enabled.

8. Components of the survey should entail questions that tailored to the following parameters: empowerment, management, innovation, reward, collaboration, communication, purpose, leadership, culture and on-boarding experience.

“Gallup survey found 51% of the workforce is not engaged. What’s more, 51% of workers are looking to leave their current jobs.”

9. Reward points system based on the company goals and employee value proposition for innovation, patents, ideas for improvements or successful on-time & on-budget projects delivery.

10. One Technology Platform to help you gamify, manage On-boarding, Rewards, Incentives and Loyalty Programs seamlessly and fosters collaboration in the community.

11. Key Metrics to Measure:

  • Top Talent Referral
  • Employee Turnover
  • Retention
  • Absenteeism
  • Time to fill Open positions
  • Cost of Hire

12. Senior Management Team and HR has to be on the same page with a clear understanding on the key metrics that bridges the gap between talent management and business strategy by contextualizing employees’ work ad reward around a company’s vision and goals.


I have only scratched the surface on what it takes to make a successful ecosystem within an organization, continuously seeking great methodology, systems, tools and platform that adds a strategic high-value proposition in the marketplace.


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