How to Get Rid of Pigeons Naturally



Pigeon trouble is common these days, and people are seeking how to eliminate this problem. Pigeons cause fatal health problems. Plus, their droppings are hazardous to the skin. Also, their feces carry harmful diseases like respiratory illnesses and fungal infections. Furthermore, their nest and feathers also have harmful fungal material.

Moreover, these birds make a lot of mess. Also, pigeon feces can corrode through concrete and metals too. Furthermore, their droppings can also ruin your outdoor furniture, exterior decoration, facades, and gardens too.

There are many different practices to gradually get rid of pigeons. You’ll read some easiest methods to eliminate the pigeon problem in this article.


Wires and Netting

You can get rid of pigeons from balconies and rooftops by adding stainless steel wires to scare them off. Also, using bird netting around the balconies will cause them to stay away. Though expensive, it is the most effective way to keep pigeons far from your roofs and terraces.


Light and Sound Reflectors

Hanging a wind chime is useful in getting rid of pigeons. Moreover, reflective foils, balloons, tapes, and CDs also disorients the pigeons. Hence, the shiny materials and sound confuse them.


Gel Repellents

The sticky gel can also keep your balcony and edges of rooftops pigeon free because birds stay away from the gel repellant on ledges. It sticks to their feet. Hence, eventually, they will avoid coming to your homes.


Spikes and Nails

You can also make the nesting area uncomfortable for the birds. You can add scare-crows. Also, you can add spikes or upward pointed nails. Furthermore, it prevents them from sitting on your balconies, windows, or decks. Also, spikes may vary from steel to plastic ranges.


Limit Food Source

Pigeons are also attracted to food. You can limit or remove any bird feeders. Also, reduce water trays or bowls kept on rooftops or balconies. Plus, keep your trash cans clean and cover any birdbaths. Furthermore, minimize feeding scraps or leftovers from your lunch or dinner. Eventually, they will avoid cohabitating in your homes.


Mesh Steels

Using mesh steels on chimney openings also reduces pigeons’ arrivals. Mesh steel covering should be fire-proof and water-proof. By adding a mesh, it will prevent these birds from entering the chimneys. Furthermore, it also keeps away other birds like crows, eagles, and hawks. Plus, mesh also allows the smoke to escape quickly and easily.


Water Pressure

You can scare them off with water. Apply water pressure with a hose to scare them away. Hence, pigeons will gradually stop nesting on your rooftops. Furthermore, an automatic motion sprinkler also helps. These sprinklers detect the movement of pigeons and target them.


Secure the Entrances

Usually, pigeons enter from attics, chimneys, or gaps. Moreover, broken windows, open gaps, indoor and open vents are also sources of entrance for pigeons. Make sure these gaps and holes are secure. Fill the missing gaps and vents with wooden pieces or heavy pieces of fabrics. You may also secure small spaces and crevices with a silicone seal.


DIY Home Remedies

Some methods are expensive and time taking. So, the alternative for these methods is DIY remedies. Also, these remedies are made from things easily available in your home. Hence, here are some harmless methods by which you can get rid of the pigeon problem.



Almost every person has honey in their homes. This is an alternative for gel repellants. You can spread onto the ledge or any place where the pigeons sit. Thus, the stickiness will keep them away. So, naturally, you can get rid of these birds.


Spices and Chilies

Spices are easily available in our kitchens. Plus, pigeons do not like the smell of chilies and peppers. So, you can spread mixtures of chilies, spices, and peppers around the area where pigeons nest. Also, you may have to spread this frequently. Hence, these are effective repellents to get rid of pigeon problems.


Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are used in most of the diets we consume daily. Chop onions and garlic into little pieces and spread them all over the area where pigeons reside. This remedy lasts up to 7 days. Also, you may spread again after a week. Thus, this is cheap and an effective way to keep your home pigeon free.


Vinegar Spray

After chili and peppers, vinegar is also easily available in our homes. Pigeons dislike the scent of the vinegar as well. So, you can make vinegar spray by adding vinegar, water, and chili or peppers. Moreover, spray this solution whenever needed on the pigeons. Furthermore, you can also spray on leaves, flowers, ledges, or wherever the pigeons sit. Hence, the smell will drive these birds away from your place.


By Erick G. Wolf

Bio: Erick G. Wolf has been the CEO of Innolytics, LLC since 2003. He is focused on developing contraceptive technology for the management of pest birds and other wildlife. He has more than 30 years of industry experience in Crop Protection, Animal Health, Pharmaceuticals not only in the US but also Internationally being a General Manager, Marketing/Sales, Business Development in charge.
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