How to Go About Framing Your Portrait Painting


Are you confused about the perfect frame for your portrait painting? Paintings often evoke very beautiful feelings and you tend to be deeply attached to them. They add colors to your life and allow you to openly express yourself. Since, your painting has come up very well you are being extremely cautious about getting it framed. Here are a few things for you to consider before getting your portrait painting framed…

Getting a painting framed is indeed the last task, but it carries a lot of significance in its final outlook. Your choice of the frame can enhance or detract a painting. Make sure, that the frames relate to the color, proportions and style of the image while taking into account the context in which it will be hung. Framing plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of your painting. Hence, it should be carefully chosen as it can dramatically affect the final product.

Generally speaking, frames are classified into 2 categories – contrasted and blended style. In a contrasted style, the frame more often than not plays a dominant role. It plays a significant role in the overall outcome of the painting. On the contrary, in the blended style frame tends to have a similar color as the leading colors of the painting. Thus, the observer tends to focus more on the painting and less on the frame.

Before deciding on the frame for your wonderful painting it would be ideal to visit a local craft store and browse their selection of frames. Always look for a frame that perfectly fits the dimensions of your painting. Make sure, to match the inside dimensions of the frame with the dimensions of the painting. Look for a frame that would not distract you from the art itself, but matches the feel, giving it a complete image.

A classical frame is actually made of two separate frames. An inner frame made from a stretched canvas and the outer frame for decoration. The two frames are usually connected by screws and pins making it a strong structure for the painting. The stretching quality of canvas is highly important, as a loose canvas often tends to lose its impact.

Before deciding on the final frame, test it against your painting to make sure they work wonderfully together.


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