How to Transfer a Pattern to Your Painting Project


If you are not able to paint freehand, or you are not confident enough in your painting abilities yet, learning how to transfer a pattern is a great way to create a nice project. There are a few ways in which to do this. You could use tracing paper or vellum paper, tape the picture to the back side if painting on a clear surface and paint from there, or you could even use stamps and fill them in.

If you decide to use the tracing paper you will need to draw or trace your picture on to the tracing paper. Once this has been done, slip the transfer paper in between the tracing paper and the object. Use a stylus or even a pencil to go over the lines. You could also us copyright free clip art and stick the transfer paper between the photocopied picture and the item you will be painting on and trace it from there.

If you are going to tape the picture on the inside of a glass or the back side of an item, just make sure it is fastened securely.

It is important that the picture be lined up properly to allow your picture to be painted in the correct position. Also, make sure the picture is level and visually pleasing to the eye before you begin to paint.

Another way to transfer a pattern is to use a stencil or a stamp. Once you have placed the pattern on your item you can go back and add color and shading. Just be careful that your stamp does not slip while you are trying to place it on your piece. If you are using a stencil, be careful around the edges to keep the paint bleeding underneath the stencil causing rough edges.

If any mistake occurs or an area needs to be cleaned up, just use a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to touch the parts that are in good shape.


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