How To Win A Girl Back When She Hates You? She Will Come Back Once You Understand These Tips



Some songs like “Elvira” take forever to pen and are considered deep and to the core. If you’ve ever had a woman hate your guts, you’ll know just how quickly Puddle of Mudd came up with their song “She Hates Me.” All is not lost though when you suddenly find your senior picture on her dart board as these tips will help you win back a lady scorned.

Step 1: Why Does She Hate You: The way to win back a woman who hates you is to reverse the reason of her hate. This could be easy like paying back the $25 you owe her or much harder like explaining why you went to Hedonism with her sister but the first step is to identify the reason.

Step 2: With Work: A girl won’t usually break up and hate you because you owe her $25 so you’ll probably have a little work ahead of you. The best thing you can do is recognizing that you’ve got an uphill climb and take steps. You can’t get 6-pack abs overnight.

Step 3: Take The Blame: Even if she went to Hedonism with your brother, then dumped and scorned you when she got back, you might have to take the blame to get her back. “Sorry baby, it’s my fault because I wasn’t around to go to Hedonism with you…even though you never once mentioned it, my bad.”

Step 4: Be Single: If a girl has it set in her mind that you’re the epitome of all that’s evil, sometimes the absolute worst thing you can do is stay together. If you both take some time to breath and reevaluate your life and relationship, she might realize that her hate is actually just a strong dislike and you’ll be on the path back.

Step 5: Don’t Throw Water On The Fire: Usually people say you shouldn’t throw gas on a fire because it’ll get bigger but in this case, maybe you don’t want to throw water on the fire of rage your ex-girlfriend has built up. Let her vent and get out her aggressions because there’s something bothering her, of the least is probably you.

Step 6: One On One Time: It’ll be really easy for her to keep that hate momentum up when she’s got her perpetually single cronies feeding advice in her ear. Try and get some alone time with her to explain your side of the story and to let her vent about the real reason she’s filled with so much spite.

Step 7: Nothing At All: If you’ve ever loved somebody, you probably know deep down in your heart that you could never hate them…even if they went to Hedonism with your entire family. If this girl truly is sick to her stomach every time you’re around, let her be…she’s probably not worth the struggle in the end.



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