How Video Is Essential In Corporate Communication


The last 10 years have witnessed the explosion of video production as an integral part of business communication. Forrester Research reports that over 50% of online traffic today is in form of this content. The percentage is expected to rise up to 80% by 2017, highlighting the importance of this medium in corporate communication. A Melcrum Study on the other hand shows that 93% of executives surveyed believe this tool is essential in internal communication.

However, there is a catch; executing an effective campaign using this medium is not that easy and this is where professional corporate video production comes in tender. To appreciate the reason this tool is highly rated in the corporate world, it is imperative to review some of the unique benefits it brings to your company.

Benefits of Using Video For Corporate Communication

  1. Targeted Messaging

With videos, it is easier to pass across your message in the most efficient manner. Forrester Research reports that a one minute film is equivalent to 1.8 million words. This means your message is delivered much more quickly as opposed to any form of written text. Whatever the objective of your project, be it education, clarification or providing the effectiveness of your product, this tool helps you deliver in the shortest time possible.

  1. Credibility

Imagine you are running a promotional campaign; a film featuring your past customers giving testimonials will work more effectively than a written text purportedly from the same source. If your business is looking for a reliable way of passing across the message both internally and externally, this medium has already proven its worth.

  1. Versatility

Business communication covers a diverse range of areas; from marketing, advertising, customer education, reputation management, entertainment among other areas a well executed project can be applied for all these purposes. It is important however, to have a major objective in every production lest you lose your target audience's attention.

  1. Brand Awareness

Brand recognition can make or break your business. As such, you should increase the visibility of your firm both offline and online. A short motion film can be used to enhance the visibility of your company especially where several projects are initiated in a sequence. Interactive videos are critical for approaching loyalty from your target niche.

  1. Feedback

Every model of communication highlights the importance of feedback. YouTube and other platforms operate like any other social media networks and you will obtain acceptable feedback from your target audience. Through such interactions, you can improve your operations and increase leads to conversion.

These represent but just a few of the key benefits of using video to enhance the effectiveness of your corporate communication. If you are new to use video as a communication tool, or are looking to improve how you use it, it can be tricky to figure out the various aspects involved. That's why it is beneficial to outsource the people who are experts generally for two main reasons. The first is that they are experienced and know what they are doing. The second is cost effectiveness. If you want to produce your videos in-house you need to invest a lot of time and money in the right talent and equipment. The best thing to do is research local video production companies in your area and meet with them to discuss your needs and make an assessment on which company you think best fits your needs.


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