HP’s Black Friday flyer discounts laptops, gaming PCs and more

HP’s Black Friday flyer discounts laptops, gaming PCs and more

by Lily White
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There are a lot of PC sales coming up — make sure you’re ready


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It’s looking like Black Friday will be a big day at HP’s online store as the company’s flyer outlines a ton of deals hitting over the weekend and extending into Cyber Monday.

While this sale discounts higher-end laptops and computers, it also drops the cost of a lot of budget gear even lower, so this could be a good sale for anyone looking to replace an ageing computer. Also, be aware that you can use the code ‘HPBF90’ to save $90 off your order at checkout.

While there are a lot of PC deals, make sure you’re buying one with an appropriate chip, RAM and power for what you plan to do with it. If you want to learn more about buying computers, you can check out our pre-buying guide here.

I’m a little skeptical about purchasing a PC with anything less than 16GB of RAM unless I know the person is only ever run Chrome, email and maybe some Spotify. For anyone who needs to use the computer as a tool, 16GB is a must, so make sure to pay attention to the specs and not just the price. On the chipset side of things, most Intel i5 and i7 models are acceptable. AMD Ryzen 5 or Ryen 7 chips are also very comparable. It’s lower-powered stuff like Intel Pentiums and AMD 3020e that you’ll likely want to avoid.

I think the HP 15 with an 11th gen i7, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage is a great deal at $999, but something like the HP Envy 13 with an extra warranty for $899 offers far less value since it features a tiny 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM and an i5 chipset.

There’s also an HP 14 with the same amount of RAM and storage as the 15-inch model, but with an AMD Ryzen 7 chipset for $829. This is a much better deal.

Beyond the laptops, there are a few decent desktop builds and all-in-ones for regular people plus some PC accessories like headsets, keyboards and mice. You can view the full flyer here.

Source: HP Store Via: RedFlagDeals

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