Humble’s “Stand with Ukraine” bundle offers dozens of games, books, and software for $40

Humble’s “Stand with Ukraine” bundle offers dozens of games, books, and software for $40

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In brief: Hot on the heels of’s bundle, Humble Bundle started its own charity package supporting Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion. It doesn’t offer quite as much content as itch’s, but it includes some pretty big names.

This week, Humble is selling a bundle of 123 items, including games, books, and software. The minimum price to get all the items in this pay-what-you-want bundle is $40, all of which will go towards four charities focused on helping Ukraine.

The charity package consists of Some major games, including Metro Exodus, Quantum Break, Fable Anniversary, This War of Mine, Back 4 Blood, and the Amnesia series. Supporters will also receive core rulebooks for Pathfinder Second Edition, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition, and Starfinder. The comics in this bundle include Army of Darkness, Red Sonja, The Incal, The Boys, and more. The purchases also entitle supporters to software like RPG Maker VX, PDF-Suite Standard, and a couple of Unity guides.

Humble Bundle is donating 100 percent of the proceeds to Razom for Ukraine, the International Rescue Committee, the International Medical Corps, and Direct Relief. So far, it has raised over $2.1 million, with the sale running until March 25.

Another successful bundle sale just ended today over at That package included nearly 1,000 items for a minimum donation of only $10. Almost half a million supporters managed to donate over $6.3 million.

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