If You Are Constipated and Are Eating Healthy, Your Eating May Need Some Fine Tuning



Learning how to combine foods for nutrition. Learning which sulforophanes will promote weight maintenance and great digestion. Learning what quercetins are, and which ones you eat, and when. Learning to love your best beans which add a little protein, and some fiber without adding grains. Learning which proteins are best for you, and how finding these will aid in digestion. Adding the necessary nutrients you need every day, will help heal your gut and ease digestion.

I stress eating according to the zone diet. Combining proteins and vegetables will keep you from feeling hungry. Add a little bit of fat, either salad with olive oil dressing, or roasted or sauteed vegetables. Using olive oil or ghee to roast or saute, will help keep your biochemical cholesterol numbers under control.

Removing foods that are inflammatory for you will also heal your gut. Learning to minimize sugar will help prevent some back sliding. Back sliding is okay, and if it causes you constipation issues or pain issues or gas issues, it is time to keep moving forward.

Mari Lu Henner promotes eating your fruits 1/2 hour before or two hours after a protein and vegetable meal. This works well for some Blood Type A people who have low alkaline phosphatase and issues with digestion. Women have curvier colons than men, and we need to be especially proactive in finding foods that not only satisfy us, and help us digest also.

Eating more does not aid digestion, this is how to fine tune your portion sizes to eat what your body needs. Eating less, with variety from your vegetables, beans and nuts.

Processed foods are easy, and fast. Eliminating these is challenging. Becoming efficient with what you consume on a day to day basis, will create ease and speed for your now faster paced life. Slowing down as you age is not necessary. Helping and being of service to others is why I help people feel better.

If you are having issues, you can join my coaching program, or you can try the recipes, or you can save money on your health bills, by trying the tools which helped me fine-tune my eating. I know this works.

The e-mails are free. At first it tells you everything you already know. Then I slowly get more technical hoping you can put together the terms and connect it to the first informational e-mails.

Some Blood Type O’s do not do well with grains. Fiber in fruits and vegetables are enough when you eat protein the size of the palm of your hand. Yes, since you are hungry, it is a process getting to the size of your palm or palm plus one half.

I would highly recommend you take the plunge and start, because the future of your energy and health depends on it. If you already have blood in your stool, get started NOW!!



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