iiRcade Reveals Premium Dead Cells Cabinet With JBL Sound And More


The iiRcade home arcade console has been around for over a year now, offering variants based on several games. However, they all feature identical form factors, with the speakers prominently displayed facing the front. That’s changing with the Premium iiRcade system, first available in the Dead Cells Edition, as the updated model comes with a more arcade-like form factor and several other major improvements.

Available to preorder beginning this spring and without a price revealed yet, the iiRcade Premium Arcade Console – Dead Cells Edition is the first in the new Premium line. It’s slightly taller than the original models at 64 inches, and it also includes a light-up marquee and a discrete speaker placement. The 100-watt speakers have even gotten a boost with the addition of a JBL/Harman partnership–it’s the first time JBL Audio has ever been implemented on a gaming device, according to iiRcade.

The form factor is drastically more arcade-like than the original models
The form factor is drastically more arcade-like than the original models

What hasn’t changed on the system are the premium sticks and buttons, which offer excellent and clicky response across a variety of games. That’s important with the iiRcade, as it’s a platform with a digital store rather than a one-and-done sort of system like a few other home arcade brands offer. Alongside modern games like Dead Cells and RetroMania Wrestling, it also features classic arcade games like Shadow Dancer, Burger Time, and Dragon’s Lair.

The announcement comes just after Arcade1Up’s own reveal for its Pro Series, which begins with the release of a new Killer Instinct cabinet later this year. That cabinet is expected to retail for about $1,000 and comes with Suzo-Happ controls, a larger screen, and a riser-free design.

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