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One thing we get asked a lot of about by subscribers is that as professional sports handicappers, do we torture ourselves and watch the games that we handicap? The answer to that is an emphatic yes. We do not go sitting in the closet with our fingers crossed hop we hear our team winning off in the distance. We are all sports fans well before any of us got involved in this line of work and so we all love nothing more than to sit around and watch sports whenever we can.

As I detailed before, we have been in the business of organized professional handicapping for 10 years with many of our guys going back up to 30 years with other entities. We take our job seriously and so we meticulously plan and study every piece of information so that we are ready to bring success to our customers. This has enabled us to pick winners between 57-62 percent for the life of our existence and that build a tremendous amount of respect in this business.

So again getting back to the original premise of this article was to allow you inside our War Room on game-day to get a glimpse as to what goes on when all the selections have been made and there is nothing else to do but watch. Week 1 of the college football season was on us and this was like Christmas day to us all. We love football for one, and we love handicapping games for our clients on top of that. We picked 38 games total for Week 1 and posted 23 of our choices for free on our web site (a much bigger number than usual …. we are generous in Week 1).

The other 15 choices made up our PREMIUM package which included our top 15 BEST BETS / STRONGEST PLAYS. This is the package that has made us famous and has been a winner with a success rate of about 62 percent. So once everything was out there and our subscribers were all taken care, we all sat down in front of 15 TV's in our WAR ROOM and watched …… and watched … and watched … and watched. It all started on Thursday night as we saw our pick of Rutgers annihilate hapless Buffalo to get us on the board with out first W of the year. Rutgers had this game over by the half but with a point spread of 32, there was much drama still to see if they could keep scoring to cover that high altitude. Buffalo was so bad that it did not even make much of a difference.

Than the glory day of Saturday was here and all 80 plus games to grovel in. Of course the only ones that mattered to us were the ones we picked but to show you we leave no stone unturned, we made sure we had scouts observe all the games we did not handicap in order to take notes on those teams in case we go with them going forward. So on on and on it went as the blitz of week 1 action was all around. We all remain very calm (without our personal favorite team succeseds, in my case Miami … who won) because you must keep an even keel in this game or you will lose your mind. Each game was drawing to its end in the early going and we had some close calls as Memphis was getting blown out early but stormed all the way back to just get under the number and make us winners. On the flip side, our Colorado State pick looked like a lock early in the fourth but some terrible tackling and boneheaded penalies allowed Colorado to win in OT and make us losers by the slimest of margins.

By the end of the day, we were all incredibly tired and weary from watching so much football. We are all in viewing shape yet as many of us put our eyes closing at various points (15 hours straight of watching will do that to you) and so by the end of the day, we all decided to wait until morning to our estimate work. We were confident as always that we did very well for Week 1.
Our optimism was right on as we had a very productive week which you can see when you visit our site. The e-mails were poring in from our happy subscribers and certainly there was a decent amount of money from Vegas that flew out of the casino's to our guys. Topping this great week off was the fact we went 2-0 ATS last night as Clemson beat Florida State and Texas Tech annihilated SMU. That brought the final week tally for Week 1 to 26-12 ATS.

We always summarize our picks on our site (good and bad) so that our customers can see we do not hide from our picks. We details in green the games we won and in red the games we lost. Our site is a sea of ​​green this week and we are confident it will be all season. I really could not ask for much better than that from our guys and we proved once again that when it comes to this game, we are second to none. Now on to Week 2.


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