Importance of Whiteboards Inside the Classroom



The latest developments in the world of communication and information technology have given birth to the latest trend in the world of teaching which is known as the interactive whiteboard. The method which is adopted by the teacher in order to impart knowledge to the students plays a vital role in the grasping capacity of the students. The interactive whiteboard will make the teaching process more efficient as well as effective for every teacher. The presence of an interactive whiteboard in every classroom will make the teaching sessions more interactive and interesting for the students. These whiteboards can be connected to a laptop computer and also an overhead projector.

The main purpose of connecting these whiteboards to a projector is to exhibit the content present on the computer screen onto the screen of the interactive whiteboard. A lot of teachers are being encouraged to make use of interactive whiteboards in classrooms for all age groups. A USB cable or a serial port cable can be used to connect these whiteboards to a personal computer or laptop computer. Wireless communication can be provided to these whiteboards by making use of a Bluetooth device or a radio frequency device.

Certain specific kinds of software will also be provided with these whiteboards. This software can be used by the teacher in order to create fresh contents on the surface of the whiteboard. A digital pen will be used in order to write this fresh content on the whiteboard. Any new content written on the surface of the whiteboard can be saved in the form of a file either in the PowerPoint, PDF or HTML format. It is also possible to retrieve these files at a later date and use them for a second session. The software which has been provided along with these whiteboards will contain different images which pertain to many different fields of study which can be incorporated into the presentations for the teaching session. A spotlight has also been provided with the whiteboard in order to highlight a specific portion of the teaching content which is being shown.

There are different kinds of interactive whiteboards which can be found in the market and they can be differentiated depending on the kind of technology which is used in order to make them function. An infra red beam is used in order to make the infra red interactive whiteboard work since it is extremely sensitive to touch. The electromagnetic interactive whiteboard has been made using a grid of wires and this is operated using a digital pen which is known as a stylus.

These interactive whiteboards are now being used in classrooms in every school, college and university all over the world. They have created a lot of room for teachers to exercise their creative skills during the process of teaching. The presence of these whiteboards in every classroom is extremely valuable and every teacher has understood their value.



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