Internet Marketing, Global Online Home Business Meet in FFi

by Lily White
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Are you one of the many people who have tried in vain to build a home based network marketing business? Possibly an online home based business or internet marketing business? Maybe you've actually enjoyed some success, but just not enough of it. If so, you may be glad to hear that it's not all your fault. Many network marketing companies are a house of cards, poorly designed from the start, and doomed to extremely fail. So what does it take to design a business for global success?

First, let's review a few online marketing, business opportunity basics. When it comes to building a referral marketing business, ideally you want a product that almost everyone on the planet wants (high demand), or at least fills a need, and that everyone can also afford . Of course that's easier said than done, but that should be the goal.

Then there's distribution. Your product should be available now on an international basis. If you join a company when it first launches, you should expect no more than a year to move international. It must also be easy to purchase online, and with a reasonable shipping charge.

High demand. Need. Affordability. Global distribution. Online purchasing.

Tough demands for a product that you can build your own international business with? Maybe. But be warned: almost all network marketing, or MLM type businesses are a long way off the mark. Typically , they're not even close. I've been following network-marketed products for over 30 years, and I've seen the same pattern of failure repeated over and over again.

Most products you will see are not in high demand, if there is any demand at all. Instead, there is a false demand created by the distributors who must perpetuate the dream of making money with the company, and who must continue to buy their quota to retain their "positions", since much of the demand for the product is manufactured.

It's also common for companies to try to sell expensive luxury-class products that the average person can not justify purchasing, especially given the lack of any need for it. However, the distributors must still warn themselves by purchasing their quota of these expensive products that they do not need, and that they would not otherwise purchase if they did not have to. How much business sense does that make?

As for distribution, if a product is launched in the US, it may also be attributed to Canada and Mexico within the first year. International distribution can be many years in coming, but is often just an empty promise, with product availability limited to only a few countries. It takes money to make the international move, and many companies are too poorly funded to make it happen.

Now that we've done the reality check, let's look at a business that actually meets these ideal demands for a home-based, online and offline network marketing business you can call your own.

FFi (Fuel Freedom International) offers a genuine international business opportunity , operating in more than 200 countries today, with a product (MPG Caps (TM)) that is in high demand, is easy to purchase and use, and is within everyone's budget. In fact, it actually saves people money.

  • The feature product, MPG Caps (TM), is very affordable to anyone who purchases gasoline / petrol, or diesel fuel.
  • There is global demand and need to obtain maximum gas or fuel mileage from our vehicles and save money on gas / petrol or diesel.
  • Not only do MPG Caps (TM) pay for themselves, they save the user money after their cost is factored in.
  • MPG Caps (TM) are a green product, and therefore timely . Their use reduces harmful emissions up to 75%, and they conserve fuel.
  • The product is available to be sold in over 200 countries today, with more constantly being added.

The ingenious thing that FFi has done is to purchase the global rights to a unique product that is commodity based, rather than a product in the luxury category. The demand and need for the product are already present on a global scale . It does not have to be created with the use of slick ad campaigns, or persuasive marketing and selling techniques. This gives the home-based business owner a product with real relevance in people's day to day lives: most of us must purchase and use gasoline / petrol or diesel fuel on a daily basis.

Since FFi is only a little over two years old, and since they (wisely) very quickly established the right to do business in over 200 countries, there is a lot of opportunity out there for a product that is still very young.

Add to that the growing tidal wave of concern with high gas / petrol and diesel prices affecting almost everyone on the planet, and you have the perfect storm of a genuine international online network marketing home business opportunity: a timely product with global demand , need , affordability , global distribution , ecological sensitivity, and ease of purchase . The online home based business fundamentals do not get any better than that.


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