Is He Really Interested In Me Quiz



Are you wondering whether he is really interested in you or if you are imagining his interest? Is he sending out mixed signals to you or is it that you just don’t know what to look for? Well here is a quiz that you can take to help you dig out the truth about his true interest in you.

1. Does he make time for you? A man who is really interested in you will make time for you… regardless of how busy he is. He may not visit you as much as you may wish but you will see him make the effort to create time to see you as often as is possible… depending on how far he lives, his work schedule, his life commitments etc. His interest in you motivates him to create time for you.

2. Is he happy in ‘unnatural’ places with you? A man interested in you will come with you to places that he normally does not venture into. He may accompany you to the hairdressers or some other girly place just to spend time with you.

3. Is he there in sickness and in hard times? A man who is really interested in you will be with you even in the bad times. He will not vanish when you are unwell only to reappear when he hears that you are well.

4. Is there mutual respect? A man interested in you will respect your opinion and your wishes. Because of his interest in you he will be interested in what you say, do and are involved in. He may not agree with you but as you interact with him you will realize that he actually hears you when he tells you something that you said.

5. Does his body language show his attraction to you? A man who is interested in you will want to be physically close to you. He will take opportunities to touch you and get cues from you on how far you are willing to go. He will push the touch boundaries to see how far you are willing to go with him.

6. Does his speech and deeds show his interest in you? A man who is really interested in you will love you with both words AND deeds. If he just talks love but doesn’t have any action to back his words then he is not really interested in you.

7. Does he notice things about you that other men never notice? A man interested in you will notice and comment about things about you that uninterested men would never notice. He may notice hair style changes or the number of flat shoes that you have in a given time period or other such details.

If he is really interested in you then his attitude, deeds and words will let you know. Pay attention and you will know if he is truly interested in you.



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