Is The Internet Too Competitive For A New Online Business Startup?


The number of people buying goods and services on the internet has been growing significantly each year since 2007. This initially sounds like good news for entrepreneurs looking for online business opportunities but is it? There are large businesses are all over the internet in just about every industry niche. Is it now too competitive for a new online business startup to become successful?

The first thing to remember is that competition is a good thing because it can also prove the track record of a market niche. What you want to do with your internet business is bring something to the table within that niche that your competition is not offering.

Don’t Give Up On Your Online Business Startup.

If there is a niche that you would like to get involved, don’t avoid it just because you see that there is a lot of competition in it. All that means is that you have a good idea and it is an established market based on others who want a part of that cake too.

For example, plenty of companies saw the online business opportunities after the Kindle was released. A huge variety of protective cases went onto the market in many different designs and colors for people who had purchased the Kindle and other electronic devices. However, one company decided to create a niche from a theft prevention perspective and created a cover that looks like an old book. This cover not only protected the Kindle from scratches and also from the view of potential thieves. They took a niche and narrowed it down and charged ahead of the competition.

Online Business Opportunities Are Out There.

Any product that is specifically focused will always beat the competition. If your internet business is in the weight loss niche, you’ll see that there are loads of websites, books and other products dedicated to the topic. It’s easy for consumers to get what’s called “blind eye” when it comes to anything new in the weight loss market because of that over saturation. So you need to narrow down your business to one segment of the weight market.

For instance, you could concentrate on natural and organic weight loss products or focus on women who have recently had a baby and now want to lose weight and get back to their pre-pregnancy shape. The secret is to give the subject matter a new twist. When you think about all the magazine headlines that you read, there is rarely a new topic. It is simply a fresh perspective on what has been around for some time.

You Need An Online Business Startup Checklist.

Once you have chosen the market for your business startup, you will need to investigate the competition in that area. What are they supplying? Who is their target audience? Who is being overlooked? How can you take that niche and make it worth more to the customer?

One way to discover what people are looking for in a niche is by carrying out keyword research. There are a lot of free keyword tools on the internet where you can check out the keywords that your audience uses when looking for information about the topic. That will give you suggestions on how to narrow your focus within your niche.

There is no age limit or qualification requirements to becoming an internet entrepreneur and starting a small online business. There are legitimate online business opportunities for anyone, regardless of their age, background, education or technical skills.


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