Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Fuel Collab Rumors With A Cryptic Cookie Post

Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Fuel Collab Rumors With A Cryptic Cookie Post

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Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s notorious feud is pretty much old news by now — remember the (literal) olive branch Katy sent Tay last year? — but their reconciliation has just reached sweet new heights.
On Tuesday (June 11), Perry took to Instagram to share a pic of some chocolate chip cookies. This would be wholly unremarkable news on its own, except for the fact that she tagged Swift in the photo and in her caption, which read, “Feels good @taylorswift.” On top of that, the phrase “peace at last” is written in frosting on the plate of cookies. And on top of THAT, she geotagged the location on her post as “Let’s be friends.” A subtle peace offering, this is not.
Swift, for her part, left a comment with exactly 13 (her fave number, duh) pink heart emojis, which, knowing Taylor, may be an easter egg of some sort.
Needless to say, Perry’s cryptic cookie post leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions, and has already fueled collaboration rumors between the two former rivals, possibly for a song titled “Peace at Last” or “Let’s Be Friends.” That wouldn’t be totally out of the question, considering both pop stars are currently readying new albums — Perry dropped “Never Really Over” a couple weeks back, while Swift launched a lighter and brighter new era with “ME!”. A reconciliation anthem wouldn’t seem totally out of place for either of them, so let the conspiracy theories commence!

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