Keyboard Teaching – Why Good Teaching Matters



The first baby steps in anything that you do often have lasting effect in how you progress later. Similarly, that is why good keyboard teaching from the beginning is so important for people who are starting to learn. Many people who claim to learn the keyboard through "self-taught" methods often find it hard to progress beyond a certain point, as a result of a fragmented education. Here are some reasons why you should go with the best when choosing your foundation keyboard teaching.

Foundation helps improvements

How much effort you put in to your foundation at playing the keyboard decides how smooth your
historical journey of progress will be. For example, good keyboard teaching often focuses on getting the fingering techniques correct from the very beginning. While some people pay little attention to this, its effects come into play later on when trying to play complicated songs with fast rhythm.

Poor methods kill passion

Many people find it hard to sustain their keyboard education because it gets boring after awhile. In the initial stages, you will always be excited about practice and lessons because you are starting to learn something new, but if the keyboard teaching methods applied by your teacher are monotonous and poor, you will definitely lose interest at some point. Learning to play the keyboard is actually a consistent journey of challenges that you are evolving into a better player constantly, but if you are taught in a way that does not interest you, the repetitive nature of learning will indeed force you to give up.

Improvisation and versatility

A lot of great musicians in this world started playing piano or the keyboard as a hobby, so by taking your first step to learn it, you never know how far this can bring you. Therefore, good keyboard teaching methods will approach with the big picture in mind, and provide you with the necessary skills to develop flexibly in the future. For example, the previous generation of teachers will not place much emphasis on playing the keyboard by ear and song improvising, but these are extremely important skills to have in cultivating song skills today.

Beginners can not tell the difference between good and bad teaching, and as a result, are unaware of the long term repercussion that the initial path of learning can have on their eventual development. Keyboard teaching shapes musical talent so it is extremely cruel to seek the best education right from the start.



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