Knockout City Encounters Issues With Block Party Rewards, Dev Working On A Fix


EA’s new “dodgebrawl” game Knockout City is out now, and it’s run into an issue for EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. In a social media post, the developers at Velan Studios said not everyone is receiving their promised rewards for taking part in the ongoing Block Party event.

Velan is currently working on a fix, but it might take “another day or two,” or potentially longer for those who haven’t logged in yet. “We’ll get these bonuses added to your account, hang tight!” the studio said.

If you have EA Play / Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, we’re working on a fix to get you your Block Party Rewards. This may take another day or two (and could take extra time if you haven’t yet logged in for the first time)

— Knockout City (@knockoutcity) May 25, 2021

but we’ll get these bonuses added to your account, hang tight!
If you have bought either the Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition and aren’t seeing Block Party (and Deluxe if you bought the Deluxe Edition) rewards, that’s another known issue that we’re working on a fix for.

— Knockout City (@knockoutcity) May 25, 2021

Same as above, it could take a few days, but everything will be fixed, thanks for your patience! 💜

— Knockout City (@knockoutcity) May 25, 2021

Additionally, some people who bought the standard or deluxe edition of Knockout City aren’t having the Block Party or deluxe content added to their inventories. This is another known issue that Velan is currently working to address.

“It could take a few days, but everything will be fixed. Thanks for your patience,” the studio said.

Knockout City’s Season 1 kicks off today, May 25, and it adds a new map, Jukebox Junction, as well as more contracts and new playlists. Check out the Season 1 trailer below to learn more about what’s coming to the game today.

Inspired by dodgeball, Knockout City is a multiplayer game where players try to knock out other players using a ball, which can have all different types of special properties. The game is developed by Velan Studios, which is the team that made Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

Knockout City is off to a great start, attracting 2 million players. The game is currently free as part of the Block Party event, but the trial period ends May 30. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can keep playing for free after the Block Party event ends, it seems.

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