Lazure Painting – How to Lower House Pollution


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As a lazure decorative painter and Feng Shui graduate I have to be aware of paint toxicity and house pollution for my clients. Plants can help remove house pollution. Feng Shui experts have been suggesting the use of plants for centuries. The trick is to be aware of which plant is yang or ying as each has benefits for you.

Yang is dynamic and supports a life of busyness and movement. If you are busy and want to stay that way purchase yang plants. If things are moving slowly in your life, and you want things to speed up, then purchase yang plants. Plants that grow downwards are ying in nature. They create a droopy feeling. If you wish to slow down the energy in your home as things are moving really fast for you then purchase ying plants. Some of the yang plants that lower house pollution are:

  • Peace Lily – has a broad leaf and has an upward growth. It is also pretty in light colored lazure painted rooms as the white of the flower is translucent like the walls.
  • Chinese evergreen – is full bodied plant and is great for lowering house pollution.
  • Gerber daisy – this is my favorite in rooms that have been lazure painted as the flower come in many different colors and the foliage is multi-dimensional like lazure painted rooms
  • Florist's chrysanthemum -This is a flowering plant but it becomes a ying plant if not well cared for as the foliage can become droopy.
  • Elephant ear philodendron performances best if it receives some natural lighting or very bright artificial lighting.

Plants that are ying and lower house pollution are:

  • Spider plant – this plant is delicate. It is rather spiky and also has a downward growth pattern to it.
  • Heartleaf philodendron – this plant is great for lowering house pollution
  • English Ivy – is beautiful in lazure painted rooms.

You can cut foliage from outside and place in vases. Plants are a great way to help remove house pollution. Like lazure painted rooms, plants add a life energy to the home which gives the home an enlivened quality which benefits the occupants.



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