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There is no girl or woman who is not conscious of beauty and appearance. They use all sorts of cosmetics and tricks to enhance beauty to look beautiful. One area regards their beauty that concerns them the most is effective hair removal. Every girl and woman wants to get rid of unwanted hair so that their skin looks silky soft and smooth always.

Apart from cosmetic treatment, hair removal is also good in keeping hygiene of the body. Women are always on the lookout of such hair removal methods that are not only effective but permanent as well so that they do not have to go the process as a ritual from time to time.

Various methods of hair removal

There are various methods to remove unwanted hair growth from the body. Some of those methods are:


Waxing is one of the most conventional methods of hair removal. This method pulls the hair out from the roots and gives a silky finish so that the area, which has been waxed, becomes very smooth and soft to touch. The only drawback is that it causes a lot of pain when waxing is performed. The wax is properly applied on the body area where waxing is to be done along with waxing strips and then peeled off with a jerk once the wax cools off. All the hair is pulled out from their roots and then takes quite some time to grow back. These days, increasing numbers of men are also getting their backs and chests waxed to have a smoother body.

Use of lasers

The use of lasers for hair removal is the latest and technologically advanced method. This is a very effective method and provides a relief permanently from the procedure of removing hair every now and then. In this method, a small beam of laser is applied over the area from which the unwanted hairs are to be removed. With the heat of this beam the roots of the hairs are destroyed and then there is no hair growth over that area again. This treatment takes time to accomplish the task fully and is slightly expensive.


Shaving is the quickest method that can be used, especially if one is in a hurry. Gel or foam is applied over the area, which needs hair removal. With a sharp razor the hair are removed very easily from that area. This is so far the cheapest and the quickest method of hair removal. This is a temporary method as the hair grows back very quickly.

Hair-removal creams

Hair-removal creams are also a great rage these days as they remove hair very easily, conveniently and without causing any pain. Also they do not have any risks of causing any accidental cuts that are quite possible with shaving. The cream is simply used over the hairy area and is to be rinsed with some water after a while.

These methods are basically classified in terms of their effectiveness in removing body hair and as per the time taken for the hair to grow back.


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