Learning Frameworks – 7 Key Elements



To be fully effective, a Learning Framework must have 7 key elements:

  • The Framework must be visual . People get lost within lots of words and even within a complex matrix, but a graphical overview or representation is easily absorbed and understood. Ideally the high-level Framework should be represented on a single page (online or paper), with linked sub-frameworks on separate pages.
  • The Framework will be role-based . This means that there will be a separate sub-Framework for each key key within the organization. Once each role has been determined, they can be integrated as a whole Framework for the organization. This also assists in success planning and care development through the organization.
  • The Framework will also be modular in design. It will be chunked down into discrete, complete and manageable learning modules. This makes the whole-of-job learning for a staff member simpler as staff members pace them through the modules. The modular approach also allows the same module to be applied to different roles where appropriate.
  • The Framework will be comprehensive as it will set out all the learning and development required from induction through to full competency in each role.
  • The Framework will be based on clear development paths . Staff will clearly see how they can develop and progress within their role, and through the organization. They will see the order in which modules must be completed, and therefore also the pre-requisites for each module.
  • Each module within the framework will be defined by objectives . With objectives in place, every subject topic and sub-topic has its place set on the Framework. This clarity of content avoids any duplication or omission of material or learning across modules.
  • Ideally the Framework will be presented on-line , as this simplifies what is presented to each person.

Use this list as a checklist when establishing or reviewing your Learning Framework.



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