Learning from 2020: Azeem’s Takeaways

December 30, 2020

In his reflection on this tumultuous year, Azeem Azhar finds hope in our reaction to the pandemic. The achievements made through collective action and the latest technologies have been life-saving.

Azeem also explores:

  • What businesses will need in order to thrive in 2021.
  • How new multi-stakeholder institutions will emerge to meet the challenges in the coming period of friction and fragmentation.
  • Questions sent in by subscribers to the Exponential View Newsletter.

Further reading:

  • IKEA: Making a $40 Billion Company Climate Positive (Exponential View Podcast, 2020)
  • What if Every Day Was Pandemic Day (Exponential View, 2020)
  • Your Technologies of the 2020s (Exponential View, 2020)


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