Learning How to Remember Names



Learning how to remember names shows respect and appreciation to the person. However we tend to forget certain names easily but certainly not intentally due to factors like stress, overwhelming information, heavy work load, fatigue and so on. The list just continues. Forgetting a person's name not only creates a negative impression that person has on you but also makes you embarrassed in a tight spot. Here's some measures on how to remember names effectively.

Maintain a cool deposition is one of the simplest methods to remember a name. The rule of the thumb is to forget about yourself and concentrate on the others. If you try too hard in making a good impression, chances are that you will not even know who you are trying to impress, being the fact that you will get so nervous and forget the name. Thus overly self-consciousness and nervousness tend to interfere with your brain and affects your memory.

Using techniques of inner monologue helps in reaffirming one's memory in remembering names. While we do not want the others to be irritated by overusing their names just to get it set in our brains, we can adopt an alternative trick. There are countless opportunities where you can actually repeat the name to yourself without saying it out. For example, when the person is talking on the phone, sleeping or even eating. All you need to do is to look at the person silently and repeat the name to yourself several times to reaffirm the name in your memory. It's as simple as that. Another effective way is to introduce someone else first before the nameless person. For example: "Have you met my business partner Jerry?" You asked the nameless person. "No, I have not." He replied, and he introduces himself to Jerry: "Hi my name is Benedict, nice to meet you." Bingo! Now you know his name without letting him know you actually forgotten it. Introducing someone else to another person you just met not only will help you remember the names better but also benefits you in building up close networks with your friends and let you take charge of the situation.

Attitude plays an important role in helping a person remembering names. One has to change his or her mindset that he is no longer bad with names. The person must have a firm attitude and determination to change his / her stigma that change for the better. After all it only takes about a few seconds to change your attitude. Practice makes perfect. Thus practice, practice and only practice will perfect one's skills of remembering names. Honestly this is not going to be an easy task. But over time after practicing with so many methods listed above, you will realize which are the ones that are most effective for you. Remembering names effectively will help you to cross over the chasm between you and your friends / family members. This will eventually lead to an effective communication for all.



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