List Of High Power Foods For Men

by Lily White
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Men have a completely different world of theirs as compared to women. Generally we assess men through their physical strength but it is not the only thing one should pay attention to because other factors like immunity, stamina, resistance power against diseases are the main basis on which strength should be measured. In this article let us discuss about some of the foods which men should eat regularly in order to maintain their overall health and fitness and enhance their real strength.

On the outside anybody can look shiny and hot thanks to all these protein shakes and cosmetic products readily available in the market but what is the reason that most men start panting after climbing stairs or walk for a short distance. Smoking and alcohol are not the only things which ruin our health but other things like our diet and lifestyle can be equally hazardous.

Foods For Strength And Vitality

Let us now discuss about some of the best foods for improving our health which should be always part our daily diet regime if we want to live a long and healthy life.

Drink Green Tea

Having leafy tea is very beneficial for our system. It naturally contains antioxidants which prevent major illness and also improves the rate of metabolism. Green tea also brings down chances of cancer by preventing the damage of block cells.


One might not like the smell of garlic but it is full of health benefits. Men who just eat 2 chunks of garlic everyday will have a strong immunity system and common diseases like cold and cough would never bother them. It also helps in controlling cholesterol levels and also has antiviral properties.


You will be surprised to know that eating tomato prevents wrinkles. It is also known to have memory boosting properties and is an effective anti-aging remedy. It also contain lycopene which helps in preventing lycopene hence it is not bad to add tomato sauce to your food. So next time do not forget to add tomatoes to your salad and food.


There are many benefits of having nuts regularly. They are high in protein content, have high calorific value and are good for your skin health too.

So adding these strong power foods in your diet with proper sleep and exercise will help your body gain overall strength and vitality to fight many common diseases as well as reduce chances of suffering from major ailments like cancer.



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