Logitech unveils its Color Collection of gaming accessories


Logitech G has launched its new Color Collection – a lineup of colourful gaming peripherals that aim to be more eye catching than their competition.

Broken down into three specific areas – mice, keyboards and a wireless headset, Logitech reckons they’re more than just pretty faces too. 

Standing out first and foremost is the G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming headset. It’s a lightweight headset weighing about 278 grams and with a decent battery life of up to 29 hours on a single charge. You won’t have to worry about being too close to your PC either with a range of 20 metres, not that we can see many people sitting that far from their monitor. The headset has front-facing dual-zone Lightsync RGB lighting that can be customised with more than 16 million colours. There’s a detachable mic too which uses Logitech G’s Blue VO!CE technology which aims to make your voice sound better than other mics, proving particularly useful if you need to switch over to an important work related voice call. 

The headset is available in White, Blue, Lilac and Black with reversible headbands that are colour-coordinated. You can buy extra headbands too if you really want to, ensuring there’s a colour scheme for every occasion. Even stranger still are the mic covers that will be available in many colours as well as offer shapes such as moustaches, stars, hearts, lips and, erm, a thumbs up. We’re guessing that’s the kind of thing that will appeal to streamers most of all.

The G733 gaming headset will be available from September and will cost $129.

 Logitech G also used this time to show off its new G203 and G305 gaming mice, along with the G915 TKL gaming keyboard. The G203 aims to be an affordable gaming mouse. That’ll be why it’s wired then but it also has a six button design that could be useful with the ability to customise it via Logitech G’s Hub software. Again, you can change up the colours too if you feel like it. It has a sensor with adjustable tracking up to 8,000 DPI so it’s not too shabby at all. It’ll retail for $39.99.

The G305 is the superior mouse with wireless connectivity, sensitivity up to 12,000 DPI and 400 IPS precision. Logitech G reckons you’ll be able to game for up to 250 hours at a 1ms report rate on a single AA battery. That’s using Performance mode. if you’re fine dropping down to Endurance mode and a 8ms refresh rate, the battery should last up to nine months. Expect to pay $59.99 for the privilege. 

Then there’s the G915 TKL keyboard, a full keyboard with directional arrow keys and no number pad. It has three selections of low-profile GL switches and 1ms wireless connectivity. It should last for 40 hours on one charge. Predictably, there are also fully customisable RGB colours that can be tweaked on a per-key basis. The lights can also react to in-game actions if you feel like an easy distraction. If it sounds familiar, that’s because the G915 TKL has been around before but this one has added colours for those keen to make a visual point. 

The keyboard will retail at $229.99. 

In all cases, there’s no word yet on UK prices but we wouldn’t be surprised if you can simply swap out the dollar sign for a pound. 

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