Losing Weight, and Love Handles!



When you gain weight, your tummy gets bigger. "Wow" I hear you say. Usually it's one of the first body parts that shows evidence of increased weight. No surprise there. However their times are this bulge becomes uncontrollable because you just can not stop eating. And then theirs is the story of your unending self-promises to diet because you've become overweight. As we all know we can often feel helpless. We feel bad about how we look. Our self-esteem drops. This is the same for many married couples too. At first, they tend not to be conscious about how they look physically because they already have someone what they can grow old with. So, they continue to gain weight. Many of which develop unsightly belly fat as time passes by. As a result, these people will start feeling insecure about themselves. The changed physical appearance often becomes the cause because some spouses divert their attention to someone more presentable. This is a sad reality.

Reducing love handles is easier to deal with compared to solving the issues of being overweight. All you need to do is to maintain an acceptable waistline. People typically develop abdominal fat when they minimize exercise and maximize eating. There are times you need to walk a little right after eating to burn a bit of energy. This also helps in the digestion of the food. The development of love handles can sometimes be resolved with this simple after-meals habit. It is not hard to do. Simply go for a walk. Try hard to resist the urge of sitting on the couch even though it is the first thing that comes to mind after having a sumptuous meal.

When it comes to love handles, exercise is often the best remedy. Not only is exercise the natural solution to weightloss, it's also healthy, makes us fitter, and happier. Abdominal work burns up calories and leads to the elimination of belly fats. And our body needs physical activities to develop our muscles, burn excess fats and improve heart condition. Targeting the love handles alone is quite hard without specialist advice. However walking, and general cardio work like jogging or running, will help because it will help you shed fat everywhere.

A simple way to lose fat, is to take it slow, with something you can actually stick to, like walking once a day. Sure it's hard, and you are lazy, but you can do it. One thing you should understand right now is getting fit or losing weight is not quick. It's slow, but you will change. The key to success is to do something realistic. Something you can stick to. Eat less, walk more, your love handles will shrink themselves away (admittedly quite slowly), but the rest of your body will change quickly, such as your face shape, and your general mid section. So unless you are very determined, stick to something achievable for the first three months then try targeting love handles. Thank me later.



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