Lucky Charms Cereal Gets A Marvel Twist With “Loki Charms” To Promote Disney+ Show


To promote the upcoming Disney+ TV show Loki, General Mills has teamed up with Marvel to create a special version of Lucky Charms called “Loki Charms.”

“There has been a disruption in our reality and the Lucky Charms we all know and love have shape-shifted into a new mischievously delicious form: ‘Loki Charms,'” reads a line from the press release.

Only 3,500 boxes are being made, so they are sure to become collector’s items. They go on sale through at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on June 9, which is the same day that Loki premieres on Disney+. The cereal will cost $8 per box, which is steep, but it’s a collector’s item after all (and it includes the cost of shipping).

Loki stars Tom Hiddleston in the title role, reprising the character he played in the Thor and Avengers films. The TV show takes place in the aftermath of Endgame. Loki is locked up at the Time Variance Authority and is enlisted by Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius to help fix the timeline that he screwed up in the first place when he stole the Tesseract.

Behold, Loki Charms
Behold, Loki Charms

Loki premieres on Disney+ starting June 9. Episodes will air on Wednesdays, which is a change from WandaVision.

For lots more on Loki, check out GameSpot’s primer, “How To Watch Loki On Disney Plus: Release Date, Number Of Episodes, And More.”

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