MagSafe compatible PopSockets are available now


There are three different options that work with the iPhone 12

If you have an iPhone 12 series smartphone with a MagSafe connector on the back, you can now use it with various new PopSockets products.

The coolest of all these is a new MagSafe wallet with a PopSockets PopGrip on the rear that gives you more grip on your phone and provides a space to hold a few cards. Following that is a new PopGrip that functions more like a traditional PopGrip, but uses magnets to attach to your phone instead of an adhesive.

The wallet version rings in at $40 USD (roughly $48 CAD), and the magnet-based PopGrip costs $30 USD (roughly $36 CAD). The last new product is a PopGrip that uses clamps to attach to the side of your phone. It costs $15 USD (roughly $18 CAD).

Overall, these seem like pretty cool accessories, but I’m skeptical they’ll as solidly attached to the iPhone 12 as a regular PopSockets that uses 3M adhesive.

Source: PopSocket

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