Making America: Immigration & Entrepreneurship in North Carolina

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Immigrants play important and various roles in our local communities. Our 2018 Chandler Conversation highlights the contributions of four entrepreneurs who hail from around the world but now call North Carolina home.

Considering their successes and challenges as business owners and innovators, we ask, “How can our state, region, and nation do a better job of encouraging entrepreneurs — whether they are born here or arrive from somewhere else — to take on bold new challenges and succeed in their endeavors?”

Our panelists include four individuals with rich stories to tell. Utibe Udo is the owner of AFRICAN LAND in Durham and is a Nigerian immigrant. Uli Bennewitz helped inspire the “brewpub bill” that enabled North Carolina’s microbrewing industry to boom. He was born in Peru, raised in Germany, and educated in England. Perla Saitz hails from Mexico and is the program director and co-owner (with Rebeca Cabrera) of the CHICLE Language Institute in Chapel Hill. Amit Singh co-founded SPECTRAFORCE Technologies Inc and moved from India in 2011.

Our moderator is LaChaun Banks who is Associate Director for NCGrowth where she leads programs in economic development and supports local start-ups in rural areas, creating jobs and equitable opportunities for people across the state.

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