Making Money Online at Home – 3 Urgent Discussion Topics Every Newbie Must Have Part 5

by Lily White
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Making money online at home is not for the faint of heart. But it can be done, you just have to learn how it works. Its just a SKILL, and like anything else, can be learned. You can develop a business and make it long lasting for years to come. If you’re a newbie then just start at the beginning.

  • If you have decided that you want to LEARN the skills you will need to earn money at home then you have taken the first step. Just be aware of everything thats involved.

So to continue in this series: here are the next three discussion topics.


  • Don’t procrastinate. Once you have made the DECISION that you want to earn income on the internet you have to get yourself going. That means doing something. Even after making a decision to get started people sometimes slack off and stop working when times get tough.
  • Fear of failure or lack of knowledge holds a lot of people back. Other things that hold people back might be family or friends. Whatever it is that holds you back has to be faced head on.
  • Why do we procrastinate? Because we are avoiding some type of pain we associate with taking some type of action. Think about it, have you ever avoided doing something because you thought it would be too painful?
  • Making money online at home means avoiding procrastination. You must get over this hurdle if you want to really build an online business.


  • Get support. Starting an internet business is fun and can be as satisfying as you make it but there are going to be times when you get frustrated and feel lost. That’s why you need a good support group.
  • I think the best support starts in the home. After that, I would look to join some type of like-minded group of who are doing the same thing you want to do. There are many online internet marketing and affiliate program groups that you can become a member of.
  • Being a member is one of the best ways to get support during your learning stages, and beyond. Most members of online groups are extremely helpful, focused and motivated people. Plus, you will have the benefit of their knowledge and people are more than willing to help you when you have questions or problems.


  • Beware of distractions that will suck up your time and energy. One thing you will notice right away when you get started marketing online is that there is a lot of information you have to absorb. This is a two edged sword which is both good and bad.
  • Information is great, and of course what you want, but when you’re brand new there is a tendency to get overwhelmed with too much information which results in getting side tracked. What commonly happens is that you jump from one thing to the other when you first get started.
  • That’s why it’s vital that you have a plan of action and a road map to help keep you focused and on track.
  • So decide EXACTLY what you want to do, make a plan of action, set a clear and achievable goal and just stick to it. Complete one task successfully before you move on to the next. Be patient and in time you will be making money online at home.


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