Man gets the Bernie Sanders chair meme tattooed on his leg

Man gets the Bernie Sanders chair meme tattooed on his leg

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You’ve seen Bernie Sanders everywhere in the past week. From your fave film, TV shows, album covers, down the road, and plenty of other iconic scenes.

The meme of the United States senator did the global rounds following the inauguration of the 46th president, Joe Biden.

And now, one man has got a tattoo of Bernie wearing his now-famous mittens while looking fatigued at the ceremony in a metal chair.

Jimmy from Denver, US, had no second thoughts when he decided to ask his pal and tattoo artist Samantha Kuhn ink the iconic moment on his leg.

After just 45 minutes, Jimmy, 32, went home with his new tat – the meme in all its glory.

When Samantha shared the finished look on her Instagram, the image was shared thousands of times, giving many people a good chuckle.

Followers thought the idea was brilliant and commended Samantha on the detail of the design.

Jimmy tells ‘Samantha and I work next to each other in Denver and we’re really close friends.

‘We had been laughing at the Bernie meme all morning and one of us suggested it as a tattoo.

‘I’ve been a Bernie fan since forever and wanted a Bernie tattoo so it seemed like a no brainer.’

In Colorado, non-essential retail is open, but customers must observe social distancing and staff must wear face masks.

So, Jimmy was able to head to Samantha’s tattoo parlour with minimal faff.

He says: ‘I’m fairly heavily tattooed already and I have a few from Samantha so the process was really easy.

‘She fit me in between appointments, I took a short break from my job, and she scratched it in.’

Samantha added: ‘This tattoo took me about 45 minutes and everyone loved it immediately.

‘The other clients were able to take videos and post them on Instagram.

‘It was just silly and fun and we need more of that in life.’

We certainly do.

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