Mandap Hire – Different Types Of Ideas To Look For In A Wedding



Any Hindu wedding is incomplete without an altar or mandap, as the wedding vows and commitments take at that place only. With changing trends, the designing or decoration of altar is becoming the main focus of the weddings. The day of the wedding is special for any bride and groom and having a variety of mandap hire should be a conscious choice. Various factors along with selecting the favourable altar have to be made sure like venue uplighting, draping, decorations and much more. A beautifully designed and embellished altar will attract the guests and can make the wedding a joyful experience for every individual. Down below are the types of mandap that are suitable for different wedding types.

Dome Shaped

These themes and designs are famous since the time of Mughals and showcases about the richness of Indian culture or traditions. The dome is decorated with the lights and flowers to give it a heavenly look. Rich and vibrant colours are used in it to bring out the royal culture of the old era.

Royal Rajwada Style

They are contemporary designs mixed with a touch of tradition and culture. They are used to create an elegant and poised look. When it is used with the fairy lights, the whole area twinkles like a sparkle with the burst of different colours. The aisle is having a statue of Ganesh Ji to start the rituals with God’s blessings.

Peacock Theme

This peacock theme based design is a unique concept and the most intriguing one as well. The use of golden colours at the pillars and drawing of a peacock with fresh pink flower makes it a fun element. The use of golden along with some edgy pink colour can make the entire setup to look marvellous.

Traditional and vintage

This square in shape altar with four Kalash at the corners of each pillar is decorated with the refreshed white and red roses to give a vintage look. To further enhance the look, adornments like kaliras or pearls can be used as a part of the decoration.

Theme Based

Earlier altars were decorated with shades of pink and golden along with satin draping, flowery decoration, and colourful venue uplighting. In modern time, the more use of vibrant colours like blue, red, purple, magenta is done to make the place look livelier and in accordance with the theme that is pre-decided.

The above are certain ideas that have to be looked whenever looking for a mandap hire.



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