Manna-Tech, Incorporated Business Review! Is It for You?


Manna-tech, Incorporated is yet another health and wellness network marketing company that is capitalizing on the increased demand for nutritional products in the American market. The company was founded in 1994 and is well known for the Ambratose supplement which provides essential glyconutrients that are often missing in food. Apart from this, Manna-tech also offers vitamin and mineral supplements, weight loss and fitness products such as protein shakes and some products that are intended solely for athletes.

As a retail consumer, you can become a manna-tech member with just $ 10 but if you order a product at the time of sign up, you will not have to pay the $ 10 fee. Members get a 5% discount on the retail price and if you choose to participate in the automatic ordering program, you can get an additional 10% off. If even you do not want to pursue this as an income opportunity, you can still make some savings on the product prices by becoming a member. In addition to this, you might also have to look for a sponsor who can sign you up with the compensation plan. however, there are not much details available about the exact plan, the number of levels etc.

Although Manna-tech products are no different than a number of those available in the market, they have had very positive reviews from organizations like the Open Nutraceutics Journal. The journal mentions that the OsoLean powder manufactured by Manna-tech was particularly effective when used by overweight and obese patients. The powder helped in diet suppression and also retained lean muscle mass. The products are created by top scientists and researchers using the highest quality ingredients. This study easily proves the success of Manna-tech products.

Like any other network marketing company, Manna-tech suggests that a sales representative should start by selling products to his or her warm market but the technique of running after friends and family does not work in the 21st century. Instead, you must get creative in building your business. You must develop the ability to market your products well. They should offer something different than products available in the market.

Did you know that 97% people fail at network marketing? This is because they do not use the right resources that can help them multiply their alert potential. You may have worked as a marketing professional but network marketing is a different ball game altogether. You must know how to leverage the internet for your success. Instead of running behind leads, the leads should come to you. This is where you should take help of a mentor or a guide, who can tell you the secrets of multi level marketing, network marketing and internet marketing and how you can apply techniques from each of these to become truly successful.

Or better yet, find a mentor who knows about getting your out there, especially in the cyber world. A mentor who knows the in and outs in regards to Internet Marketing. This has proven to be the difference between success and failure. Find a qualified mentor who you can reach at anytime (within reason) and who can be a cheerleader for you through the good and hard times.



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