Martial Arts Training – The Pros and Cons



After watching your favorite martial arts performers such as Bruce Lee and Jet Li execute fast jaw-dropping moves, you immediately want to learn those cool techniques. Getting yourself into a martial arts training is not a joke. Therefore, it is important to know the pros and cons of this type of sport.


Training in martial arts brings about a number of advantages. Through this sport, you will be able to learn how to understand and practice the art of self defense. There are a lot of books available in the market that teachers its ways but the experience is incomparable to on-hand training. Practicing this may help a kid boost his self-confidence in school and be able to handle bullies himself, or it can save a woman from being mugged and she can stop the person who’s trying to get her favorite handbag, or it can save a teenager from being beaten up in a street fight.

Learning this sport helps you acquire skills which include strength, flexibility and coordination. In addition, it offers valuable lessons of discipline, focus and humility. A martial artist learns to be disciplined since it requires proper training. Focus is also needed so that you can execute your powerful strikes well. Lastly, a good martial artist does not boast of his skills nor use it for revenge. Because he is humble, he practices it as a sport or he uses it as a tool for self defense in times of trouble. You may never know when and where a dangerous situation may occur.

Another benefit includes a fit mind and body. Negative energy thought about by stress is released through its specialized exercises. After the training session, one would feel calm and relaxed. In the physical aspect, the muscle tones are improved, calories are burned, and a good blood circulation is achieved. Overall, it helps the person achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle.

There are so many styles that you can learn in martial arts training. One popular type is called Wing Chun which uses close range striking and focuses on balance. Practice can be done on a Wing Chun wooden dummy where attacks are done at the chest while elbows are maintained close to the body. This move keeps the attacker from grabbing the arms that strike punches. Another known type is Jeet Kune Do which is described as “a style without a style”. It was popularized by Bruce Lee. Its moves include simultaneous punching and low kicks. Other styles include Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts and many more. With the variation of styles, you could either choose to focus on one style or try the other techniques as well.


The only disadvantage that one can experience in a martial arts training is the physical hurt. Performing high kicks and powerful punches are potentially harmful. But with the option of a wooden dummy, where specific moves can be performed, one does not need to suffer in order to learn. Before practicing martial arts, one is required to gear up properly, with the use of leg and elbow pads, mouth guard, a helmet, etc. so as to be protected. Danger or injury can be acquired if one is not careful enough.

It can also become a disadvantage if you are not physically and mentally prepared to face the challenges of this sport. It should be taken seriously. One should be determined to learn and to practice hard so as to become a good martial artist.

Overall, there is definitely more to gain from martial arts training. It is beneficial in the physical, mental and emotional aspect. Practice and train with dedication to improve your skills. You might be the next Bruce Lee or Jet Li, you never know.


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