Massive Exotic Weapon Tweaks Coming With Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary Update

Massive Exotic Weapon Tweaks Coming With Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary Update

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The weekly Bungie posts have been hefty leading up to the Bungie 30th Anniversary event, which brings tons of new updates. Just this month, the This Week At Bungie posts have gone over grenade and melee abilities regeneration and Super cooldowns, but another important part of the upcoming update is weapons and mods.

A recent TWAB listed changes coming to weapons in player-vs-environment and player-vs-player modes. In PvE, slug Shotguns will have their damage reduced by 10%, while pellet Shotguns get a 10% increase. Linear Fusion Rifles are the go-to weapon currently for damage against large enemies and bosses because of the Particle Deconstruction mod from the Seasonal artifact. Linear Fusion Rifles will become more powerful with a 10% damage increase in PvE. Bows will do an extra 10% damage against rank-and-file enemies, which are basic red bar enemies. Lastly, Fusion Rifles and Sidearm will have increased projectile speed, and Caster Swords will have a reduced ammo cost of 5 instead of 8.

Exotic Weapons

Changes to Exotic weapons will revitalize older weapons that players rarely use and fine-tune some newer ones. A total of 14 Exotic weapons will see changes, including this season’s Lorentz Driver.

Lorentz Driver

  • Removed ability energy regeneration when picking up telemetry.

Dead Man’s Tale

  • This weapon will get a significant buff to make the weapon tuned for a console. The Scout rifle will have increased reticle friction falloff distance. It will have less recoil and improved accuracy, note that this will have a reduced effect on mouse and keyboard.

Vex Mythoclast

  • Aim Assist will decrease stat by 25, and Aim Assist will decrease for the Linear Fusion Rifle mode too. It will also need 3 eliminations for full Overcharge instead of 2.

Sleeper Simulant

  • PvE damage will increase by 6%, and magazine size will be 4 instead of 3.

Heir Apparent Catalyst

  • The catalyst will have reduced damage resistance against players in PvP by 50%.


  • Will have Anti-Barrier as an intrinsic perk.


  • Explosion damage increased by 50%.

Whisper of the Worm

  • Tuned so players can use it in short damage phases. Damage is increased by 10% in PvE, and the Whispering Breath catalyst has a reduced delay. The White Nail magazine will refill 2 from inventory and 1 from thin air.

Suros Regime

  • Dual Mode Receiver will have a +30 range and +3 zoom.


  • The sniper will have reduced flinch, recoil, and accuracy degradation by 50% when Personal Assistant is active. Also, the damage will increase by 50% in PvE.

Traveler’s Chosen

  • It will grant 10% ability energy per stack on activation and reduce stacks granted on a Guardian defeat from 3 to 2.

Cryosthesia 77K

  • Variable Trigger will be removed. Also, Charged Shot will move special reload, and revert back to Sidearm mode after firing a Charged Shot.

Leviathan’s Breath

  • This heavy ammo bow’s catalyst will have an additional perk called Archer’s Tempo.

Fighting Lion

  • There will be no multi-hit requirement, and it will have an increased reload stat.

Weapon Perks and Mods

Weapon perks and mods will also see changes in the December 7 update.

Weapon perk Adrenaline Junkie will have a shorter duration. Defeating enemies with weapons with this perk will add a bonus damage stack or extend the active one, and landing a grenade kill immediately increases the number of damage stacks to five. The Vorpal Weapon perk currently boosts weapon damage by 15% against bosses and players using their Supers. Starting in December, heavy weapons with the perk will get a 10% damage bonus, special will get 15%, and primary weapons will get 20%. It used to be 15% across the board. The Whirlwind Blade perk for Swords, which increases damage as you string rapid attacks against enemies, will require more attacks to reach its full damage potential. After the update, you’ll need 10 damage stacks to reach maximum damage, rather than 5. Also, the Pulse Monitor perk will activate from 90% health and 30% shield instead of activating when your health is much lower. Legendary weapon mod Quick Access Sling will have a consistent .9 ready/stow time.

With the December update, Bungie is also adding an accessibility option called Full Auto Retrofit. The new option will enable fully automatic fire when holding the trigger on Legendary Sidearms, Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles, and Pulse Rifles.

The Bungie 30th Anniversary is an event DLC that begins on December 7.

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