Master the Skills Needed for Information Technology Project Management


Mastering IT (Information Technology) Project Management skills opens up new career prospects for even the most experienced information technology professionals. Being effective in this roll requires a number of different skill sets, including mathematics, interpersonal communications, presentation, leadership, and scheduling skills, to name just a few.

Training and education are keys to ensuring you’ll hit the ground running in any tech related organization. Training can also lead to formal certification, which is a way to document your mastery of required IT specific skills and reaping the rewards of your achievement, potentially including increases in pay, promotional opportunities with your current employer, and stronger consideration for new positions, if you’re interested in a new employment situation.

Formal training and certification opportunities are available for IT personnel of all experience, education, and job responsibility levels. Each available course and certification focuses on mastery of skills needed for IT at a particular level of responsibility.

Accredited training courses and certifications, for example, provide candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively coordinate the implementation of new IT programs, initiatives, services and/or devices into the business environment. Skills attained through such a certification typically include project resource assignment, schedule maintenance, cost containment and group communications.

Entry level IT courses and certifications include those for coordinators, associates and other IT staff with fewer years of experience and little to no leadership experience. For more experienced IT personnel and those charged with regularly developing, monitoring and leading teams, there are senior level and leadership certifications available.

In addition to these IT-specific certifications, there are credentials that can be earned from professional organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI). By combining an IT-specific credentials with one of the broader certifications in a focused discipline available from PMI, you can not only acquire the skills needed for information technology project management, but significantly advance your career prospects as well.

The crucial components or subjects that should be covered by any certification designed for those who need to master the skills needed for information technology project management should include fundamental concepts of the discipline like defining project scope, planning, developing project schedules, and tracking project progress, among others.

For more experienced IT personnel interested in mastering the skills needed for project management certification, key components and subjects that should be covered by a certification should include strategic planning, project estimating and budgeting, risk management, and presentation skills, among others.


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