Mental Health and Media

Mental Health and Media

by Bloomberg Stocks
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June 28, 2021

Images in the media can be deceptive. Often those images depict people whose lives seem perfect and who seem to be always happy. But the entertainment industry also has incredible power to portray a wider range of experiences and to shift the conversation around mental health.

Chris McCarthy, president of MTV Entertainment Group, speaks with host Morra Aarons Mele about the role TV shows can play in changing how people view mental health and what he and others are doing to make the industry more mentally healthy for entertainment professionals.

Plus, later in the episode, makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor discusses how his work on TV shows like Saturday Night Live and Pose intersects with his depression and anxiety.

Further Reading:

  • “Groundbreaking coalition of media companies and mental health experts unite to tackle growing mental health crisis” (MTV Press)
  • The Jed Foundation

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