Microsoft is adding dark mode to Office for Android

Microsoft is adding dark mode to Office for Android

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In a nutshell: If you use Microsoft Office for Android, there’s some good news to share. Whether you’re writing a document on Word, preparing a PowerPoint presentation, or creating a dynamic table on Excel, Office for Android users will soon be able to work on the app with dark mode enabled.

Dark mode everywhere has become the norm for many users, but there are still a few apps lacking it. In those cases where you have dark mode enabled on your phone and then open an app without it, the visual experience can be quite uncomfortable.

Apparently a highly requested feature, Microsoft decided to finally add dark mode to the Office app for Android, offering a “more comfortable visual experience for reading and working on mobile devices.” If your device OS already has dark mode turned on, the Office app will also enable it by default.

You may also enable dark mode on the app settings, which can be accessed by clicking on the profile icon in the Home tab. Once you get there, select Light, Dark, or System Default from the Theme options.

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Users may configure to switch between dark mode and other Office themes based on the time of the day, device settings, or the brightness surrounding the device.

Using dark mode can result in lower power consumption and a more comfortable viewing experience. Microsoft Product Manager Sourab Nagpal stated that the feature will be launched over the next few weeks for all users worldwide, so make sure you have the latest version installed if you want to try it.

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