MSI launches the MPG Coreliquid K Series AIO coolers

MSI launches the MPG Coreliquid K Series AIO coolers

by Emily Smith
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MSI is the latest to launch an updated AiO cooler series featuring lashings of aRGB plus an LCD display embedded in the CPU pump block. Its latest AiO coolers are higher-end examples than the MAG series (A=Arsenal, not kidding) that arrived last year, and are the first MPG series (P=Performance) AiOs. Just like with their lower-end brethren, MSI is creating the MPG Coreliquid K series with a choice of 240 and 360mm radiators.43605F2E 4B06 4Aff A7A4 Bf1B2B93782E

The new MPG Coreliquid K Series AIO cooler line fuses the following elements; powerful cooling, a rich user experience, eye catching visual aspects (RGB and a display), powered by Asetek’s most advanced pump technology.

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MSI promises ‘supreme cooling performance’ thanks to the newest cooling technology in place. As well as the Asetek 7th gen pump system, with the traditional Asetek arrangement of the pump sitting above a copper baseplate, MSI has added a 60mm Torx Fan 3.0 to the pump block which is said to “accelerate airflow around the CPU socket and increases the effectiveness of heat dissipation around the motherboard’s power solutions”. 37527358 5Efa 4202 Bca2 4800302D0B00

The other fans in these AIOs are situated in the 240 or 360mm radiators and are 120mm Torx Fan 4.0 units. These include built-in aRGB LEDs for a pleasingly punchy lighting presence across the length and breadth of the radiator. MSI allows the fans to be individually controlled for lighting and rotation speeds. As usual, various fan profiles are available to get you started on tweaking, or to set and forget. Zero RPM modes are supported and configurable too.0A3A0E21 4685 4609 A537 2B21D93B6A20

Lighting is also present on the pump side of the equation. The pump block is crowned by a 2.4-inch display which can be used for frivolous lighting, logos, or animation purposes. Alternatively users can configure the MPG Coreliquid K Series to display useful real time status information on the LCD providing a quick reference to how the system is running, with various parameters like CPU frequency, temperature, and so on – available for quick inspection.

The MSI MPG Coreliquid K Series AIO coolers will be available shortly; they have already started popping up at European retailers for approx €220 and €280 for the 240 and 360mm versions, respectively, which seems rather pricey.

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