Murder of Pennsylvania teacher remains unsolved


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The case of a young teacher killed steps from her home, is still unsolved over three years later. A person of interest in her murder was convicted in another homicide. 

Rachael DelTondo was 33 years old when she was killed in 2018. Her murder is still unsolved today, but Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier says the investigation is active.

Almost home


Rachael DelTondo was shot multiple times at the foot of her parents’ driveway in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. She had just been dropped off by a friend a few minutes prior and there were no eyewitnesses to the murder.

DelTondo’s past

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Frank Catroppa is Rachael DelTondo’s ex-fiancé. He was initially a person of interest, but District Attorney David Lozier has confirmed that he is not a suspect in her murder.

Late night in question

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While Rachael DelTondo and Frank Catroppa were a couple, DelTondo was seen by police parked in this abandoned lot. It was late at night and she was with high school student Sheldon Jeter Jr. Rachael told the officers they were friends and just talking, but police also say she told them she didn’t want her fiancé to know.

Star athlete

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Sheldon Jeter Jr. was a member of the renowned high school football program in Aliquippa. According to his attorney, he and Rachael DelTondo had a romantic relationship.

DelTondo’s mother says it’s not true; she says her daughter never was in a romantic relationship with Sheldon.

Leaked information

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More than a year after Rachael DelTondo and Sheldon Jeter Jr. were discovered by police, Frank Catroppa was given a copy of a police report about the incident. Days later it was anonymously leaked to the public. 

Night of the murder

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On the night Rachael DelTondo was murdered, she was out for ice cream with friends, who were also close with Sheldon Jeter. Cell phone evidence shows Sheldon was texting them and knew their whereabouts.

Person of interest

Jeter family/Michael Santicola

The morning after Rachael DelTondo was killed, investigators searched Sheldon Jeter’s home. According to search warrants, he showed little emotion when told about Rachael’s death.

Desperate for answers

Lisa DelTondo

Lisa DelTondo, Rachael’s mother, believes Sheldon Jeter was involved in her daughter’s murder. She told “48 Hours,” “That night, I knew it was him.”  Sheldon has not been charged in the  DelTondo case and his attorney Michael Santicola says he’s not  involved in her murder.

Where was Sheldon?

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Sheldon Jeter Jr.’s uncle, Michael Moreland, says Sheldon was home the night Rachael DelTondo was killed.

Another crime scene

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In May 2020, almost two years to the day that Rachael DelTondo was gunned down, a young man named Tyric Pugh was shot multiple times. Tyric had been living on and off at the same home as Sheldon Jeter, and they considered each other family

Caught on camera

Beaver County DAs Office

Surveillance cameras captured Sheldon Jeter Jr. leaving home with Tyric Pugh, seen here at 11:10 p.m. Later, cameras captured Sheldon returning alone. Around the time Sheldon returned home alone, a motorist discovered Tyric’s body and called 911. 

A shocking arrest

Beaver County Jail

Sheldon Jeter Jr. was arrested for the murder of Tyric Pugh just two days later and charged with criminal homicide. He went on trial in June 2021. 

The evidence

Beaver County DAs Office

State Police located this gun and ammunition in Sheldon Jeter Jr.’s bedroom that matched the shell casings from the Tyric Pugh crime scene.



Sheldon Jeter Jr. was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

What about Rachel?

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A Pennsylvania statewide grand jury has heard evidence in the Rachael DelTondo case, and it’s been reported that Sheldon Jeter is a subject. District Attorney David Lozier told “48 Hours” an announcement will be made when they believe they can win a case beyond reasonable doubt.

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