Netflix Adapts “Irredeemable” Into Feature

Netflix Adapts “Irredeemable” Into Feature

by Sue Jones
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Netflix Adapts Irredeemable Into Feature
Boom! Studios

“The Harder They Fall” director Jeymes Samuel has boarded a planned film adaptation of Boom! Studios comic series “Irredeemable” and its spin-off “Incorruptible”.

The plan is to combine the two separate comic titles into one feature to be written by “One Night in Miami” scribe and “Soul” co-writer/co-director Kemp Powers.

Mark Waid penned “Irredeemable” which deconstructs superhero tropes as it follows the world’s greatest hero – The Plutonian – who snapped under the pressure of his responsibilities and charted a dark path to become a supervillain, killing millions in the process.

“Incorruptible” flipped that paradigm as supervillain Max Damage responds to this by gradually transforming himself into a superhero with the aim of stopping The Plutonian before his own degenerative powers caused him to lose his mind.

Samuel, Jay-Z, James Lassiter, Stephen Christy and Ross Richie will produce. Boom! has a first-look TV deal with Netflix with a film adaptation of Keanu Reeves comic “BRZRKR” also on the way.

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