Netflix launches companion site Tudum so you can learn more about its shows and movies

Netflix launches companion site Tudum so you can learn more about its shows and movies

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What just happened? Netflix’s universe is enormous, featuring hundreds of movies and shows loved by many. However, there’s much more to be explored behind each of these. For those interested in learning more about the stories they’ve watched, Netflix is launching Tudum, the streaming service’s official companion site.

Named after the global fan event hosted in October, Tudum looks a lot like a news hub, featuring exclusive content about Netflix-related topics. Using the companion site, you can learn if a specific series will be renewed or when a new season of a series is coming out.

Moreover, Tudum will also present you with trivia related to Netflix’s shows, including if a series was based on true events, other roles taken by the cast of a series/movie, and even specific story details. The news hub goes even further, pointing out how you can get or build series and movie props, including the Squid Game tracksuit or the necklace from Outer Banks.

Bozoma Saint John, CMO at Netflix, believes the app will allow people to connect through what they’ve watched, as well as geek out on the intricacies presented by each of the streaming service’s stories.

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“In the ’90s, pop culture meant watching John Elway and the Denver Broncos, wearing acid wash jeans and listening to Paula Abdul and Tupac,” said John. “Now, Netflix is a part of the cultural zeitgeist, and what makes my job so exciting is that through the work we do, I get to constantly connect with fans all over the world through their favorite shows and movies.”

The Tudum companion site has just launched, so expect more content to be added soon. If you want to see what beasts Geralt will have to deal with in the second season of Witcher or what other series are coming to the streaming service this month, take a look at the site.

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