Netflix Tests Extra Fee For Sharing Logins

Netflix Tests Extra Fee For Sharing Logins

by Sue Jones
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Netflix is using its markets in Costa Rica, Peru and Chile to test an extra fee for those subscribers who share their login credentials outside of their own households.

The company said it will take time to evaluate results in the three initial countries before considering a wider rollout of the fees. It’s currently charging between $2-3 U.S. Dollars for each extra subscriber in those test markets.

The company is also letting subscribers who pay for the account extensions to let the extra subscribers transfer profile information, including viewing history and other personalized data.

A curb on password-sharing has long been expected as the giant streamer hits 222 million global subscribers but has been facing slowdowns in growth along with more competition than ever in the U.S. right now and increasingly across the globe.

Source: The Verge, Netflix

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