Netflix’s “Robot Brothers” Uses Unreal Engine


Netflixs Robot Brothers Uses Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine has premiered a behind-the-scenes look at the Netflix and Reel FX’s animated series “Super Giant Robot Brothers” – the first fully animated project to utilize the famed gaming engine.

In the case of this production, Unreal Engine is used to render live-action motion into 3D animation immediately and allows for this animated project to be shot similarly to live-action – actors can interact and play out scenes, improvisation is allowed, script changes can be done on the fly, and so on.

As a result the often isolated aspects of animation from artists to writers to voice actors can now essentially all work together. The series itself follows two robot brothers named Shiny and Thunder who work together to fight off Kaiju monsters around the world.

Mark Andrews (“Brave”) directs the ten-episode series, created by Victor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres, and the series will premiere later this year.

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